Expanding Food Budgeting Classes Across 4 Counties

The FoodWIse program has begun a new partnership with Forward Services to teach weekly virtual classes for their FSET (FoodShare Employment Training) and W-2 clients. In the past, FoodWIse offered classes in-person at both Fond du Lac and Sheboygan County Forward Services. As a result of the pandemic, Forward Services caseworkers have held personal meetings […]

Nutrition Toolkits Created Locally for Head Start Teachers

During a normal school year, FoodWIse Nutrition Educators are visiting students in classrooms at Head Start and elementary schools across the county. Although schools are restricting the number of visitors in the classrooms, FoodWIse understands how important it is to keep children healthy and to support local teachers. The FoodWIse team has created a variety of […]

Bitmoji Classrooms Used to Teach Elementary Students about Health

During this time of the year, the local FoodWIse team has a packed schedule teaching in-person to 2nd grade and 4th-grade classrooms at Riverside, Parkside, and Chegwin Elementary Schools. COVID-19 has presented many challenges in reaching elementary school students in-person this year, so the local FoodWIse team has been creative in developing new resources for teachers […]

Understanding Public Health Inequities

Multiple public health studies spanning three decades (longitudinal) have shown that racism has a significant impact on overall health. These studies, along with statistics on health inequities, have led public health organizations across the globe to recognize and declare racism as a public health crisis. This includes the American Public Health Association (APHA) and the Wisconsin […]

Food-borne Illness During Harvest Season

Due to the growing number of home gardeners this summer, including new gardeners, it is anticipated that more individuals will have questions during harvest time. Amanda Miller can be contacted during regular office hours to assist with any questions or concerns related to home food preservation. This includes a range of food preservation – from […]

Stay Home, Stay Healthy Senior Newsletters

Due to the challenges of holding in-person classes this summer, FoodWIse will instead start offering a bi-weekly newsletter to the senior populations in Fond du Lac County. This is an effective way to get the most relevant and current nutrition information, while also prioritizing their health and safety. The ‘Stay Home, Stay Healthy’ newsletters will […]

Nutrition Education: Color Me Healthy Curriculum

FoodWIse partners with 3 elementary schools within the Fond du Lac School District and 4 Head Start Centers to provide nutrition education to students. 2nd-grade students learn about the 5 food groups and hand washing, 4th-grade students learn about reading food labels, and Head Start students learn about trying colorful new foods from the rainbow. […]

FoodWIse is a federally funded SNAP-Ed program (or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program-Education.)

FoodWIse is a federally funded SNAP-Ed program (or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program-Education.) The national program is leading a DACUM (Developing a Curriculum) process to revise/develop core competencies for program leaders, program supervisors, and nutrition educators called. The goal is to improve the staffing of SNAP-Ed programs across the country. DACUM is a commonly used process that […]

Food Resources during COVID-19

The Fond du Lac Food Providers Group has created a web page of Fond du Lac County food resources during COVID-19.  It is to help consolidate the numerous emails and social media posts from individual food pantries, schools, and organizations into one main resource. The web page includes information for local residents, including information on […]

Office Operations March 2020

As a Division of UW-Madison, Extension is following the lead of UW-Madison leadership in responding to the COVID-19 virus outbreak, in conjunction with public health and county officials. The latest guidance from UW-Madison and local government is to limit on-site work in addition to postponing events. This guidance is in reaction to a worldwide event […]

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