Bitmoji Classrooms Used to Teach Elementary Students about Health

During this time of the year, the local FoodWIse team has a packed schedule teaching in-person to 2nd grade and 4th-grade classrooms at Riverside, Parkside, and Chegwin Elementary Schools. COVID-19 has presented many challenges in reaching elementary school students in-person this year, so the local FoodWIse team has been creative in developing new resources for teachers and parents to use in both their in-person and/or virtual learning formats.

The local FoodWIse team was recently trained on Bitmoji Classroom. Bitmoji Classroom serves as a home base for students to click on various spaces to learn about different subjects. For example, the 2nd-grade classroom’s main space has 5 sections based on different topics (physical activity, MyPlate, handwashing, etc.) To learn more about physical activity, a student will click on the soccer ball on the shelf. The photo features a Bitmoji of Melanie Phillips, Nutrition Educator in Fond du Lac County.


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