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aerial view of Lake Winnebago showing aquatic plant growth
Lake Winnebago – July 13, 2013. Photo by Mike Rankin

UW-Extension, WDNR, local government officials, the Lake Winnebago Quality Improvement Association of Fond du Lac County, and area residents are trying to answer the question, “How can we enjoy our favorite activities in a healthy Lake Winnebago System?” Participate in the conversation with thoughts, photos, votes at


  • Dip Into Lakes Videos June 22, 2015
    Videos from the Dip Into Lakes seminar series are now available online at the links below or on DVD. A DVD can be purchased for $5 (cash or check) by contacting the UW-Extension. Getting to Know Lakes by Chad Cook, UW-Extension Natural Resources Educator Winnebago Natural History by Art Techlow, WDNR Winnebago System Fisheries Biologist […]
  • Waterfront property values, healthy fish, and lot improvements August 8, 2013
    When we develop waterfront lots, trees, and native plants are replaced by impervious (hard) surfaces. Driveways, rooftops, and other hard surfaces decrease the ability of the shoreland area to serve its natural functions. A variety of educational materials including brochures, posters, and a video about how impervious surfaces affect fish, wildlife and water […]
  • Winnebago Waterways Update July 1, 2013
    Thank you to all area residents and users of the Lake Winnebago System who “weighed in” this spring on what they thought the most important issues of the system are and what actions are most important to take immediately to improve and protect the lakes.  All responses and discussions have been compiled, and the final […]
  • Natural Resources: Weigh in on the Winnebago Waterways February 28, 2013
    Do you fish, swim, or boat on the Winnebago waterways?  Do you own a business near a shoreline or live near one?  The Department of Natural Resources is gathering feedback in a special project through April of 2013.  Have your say online and at public meetings.  You may also sign up for occasional updates via […]
  • Natural Resources Expertise Available July 19, 2012
    The University of Wisconsin-Extension, in partnership with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and other agencies and organizations, supports a Regional Natural Resources Program.  This program includes a network of educators located throughout Wisconsin, with expertise in water resources, forestry, citizen engagement, process facilitation, and des […]


Audio Recording from the July 17, 2013 Boater Safety Seminar “On Your Side”(mp3; 43:39). This file includes all of the individual sections below.   

Introduction (mp3) (4:30) Diana Hammer Tscheschlok – UW-Extension

FDL Sheriff’s Dept. Role on Lake Winnebago (mp3) (5:55)

FDL Sheriff’s Deputy Scott Skupas

United States Coast Guard Role on Lake Winnebago (mp3) (9:05)

USCG Executive Petty Officer Robert Shores

WDNR Role on Lake Winnebago (mp3) (6:40)

WDNR Warden Supervisor April Dombrowski and Warden Al Erickson

Role of Other Organizations Visible on the Lake and at Boat Landings (mp3) (5:18)

WDNR Water Guards, U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, FDL County Aquatic Invasive Species Coordinator, Clean Boats/Clean Waters

Most Important Boater Safety Tips (mp3) (11:38)

Fond du Lac County Sheriff, WDNR, and United States Coast Guard


Podcast of KFIZ Outdoors Thursday (April 18, 2013) featuring Bob Hasse interviewing local WDNR Conservation Warden Al Erickson and the Coast Guard Public Affairs Officer about the Winnebago Lake System as federal waters.

Dip Into Lakes Series (Spring 2012) Videos, photos, and the most current information on lake ecology, aquatic plants, fish, economic impact of the lake, Wisconsin Water Law, Winnebago System History, and future challenges to the lake.

Introduction to the Meeting and Lake Systems (1.52MB, Power Point Slide Show, 6 slides) by Diana Hammer Tscheschlok, Fond du Lac County UW-Extension Educator.

Lake Winnebago Water Clarity & Aquatic Plant Growth (4.96MB, Power Point Slide Show, 49 slides) by Jay Schiefelbein, Chuck Fitzgibbon, & Art Techlow, WDNR Water Resource Management Specialists.

Lake Organizations: How citizens can organize to raise funds and work together on lake issues (847 KB, Power Point Slide Show, 8 slides) by Chad Cook, UW-Extension Natural Resources Educator.

Fact Sheets

Businesses accepting Aquatic Plants from Lake Winnebago

DNR Aquatic Plant Management (111 KB, PDF, 1 pg)


Boating Safety and the Law Seminar: July 17, 2013

Wisconsin Lakes Partnership Convention


UW-Extension Lakes Center – Aquatic Plant Management Page

Water Quality in the Lake Winnebago Pool written by WDNR & UWEX in 2004 (2.05MB, PDF, 44 pgs)

WDNR – Aquatic Plant Site (permit application forms, rules, & other information)

WDNR – Lake Management Planning Large Scale Lake Grant

WDNR – Lake Managment Planning Small Scale Lake Grant

WI Citizen Lake Monitoring Program

Find a Lake Related Business (UWEX Directory, no endorsements)

Compost Joe’s: area company that will accept aquatic plant material from lake shore residents.

Lake Winnebago Quality Improvement Association of Fond du Lac County

Just for Fun

Clean Boats, Clean Waters song

 Videos from the Aquatic Plants Informational Meeting on March 31, 2011 at UW-Fond du Lac

Lake Systems (2:38) Diana Hammer Tscheschlok, UW-Extension
Winnebago Aquatic Plants Meeting Introduction by DNR (2:53) Jay Schiefelbein, WDNR
How Lake Winnebago Water Levels are Determined (8:06) Art Techlow, WDNR
Why Can’t We Kill the Lake Winnebago Weeds? (3:31) Art Techlow, WDNR
Lake Ecology & Role of Aquatic Plants (10:04) Jay Schiefelbein, WDNR
How Residents Can Manage Aquatic Plants (12:11) Chuck Fitzgibbon, WDNR
DNR Grants to Fund Lake Planning & Management (4:36) Jay Schiefelbein, WDNR
Lake Organizations (11:27) Chad Cook, UW-Extension
Does the Water Level on Lake Winnebago Impact the Growth of Aquatic Plants? (3:01) Art Techlow, WDNR
Would Higher Winnebago Water Levels Stop Aquatic Plants? (:32) Art Techlow, WDNR
How the 2010 Weather Impacted Aquatic Plants (2:03) Art Techlow, WDNR
The Role of Phosphorous and Other Nutrients in Aquatic Plant Growth (2:15) Art Techlow, WDNR
Lake Winnebago Water Quality Improvement Over Time (2:57) Art Techlow, WDNR
Lake Winnebago Water Clarity (1:32) Jay Schiefelbein, WDNR
Retention Ponds and Lake Water Quality (:32) Chuck Fitzgibbon, WDNR
A Resident’s Concern About Water Levels (3:04) Chris Misorski
DNR Role in Lake Winnebago Water Levels (3:32) Art Techlow, WDNR
Issues Specific to the South End of Lake Winnebago (2:13) Art Techlow & Chuck Fitzgibbon, WDNR


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