Positive Youth Development

Youth Development gives young people opportunities to learn new skills, gain self-confidence and contribute to their communities. Backed by the knowledge and research base of the University of Wisconsin’s Extension Institute of Positive Youth Development, educators design educational, leadership and citizenship experiences for youth that build youth & adult capacity and partnerships that help both sides grow.

Zoom Workshops Now Available for Youth: Developing Problem Solving Skills & Team Work

Youth are great problem solvers naturally! Just look at how they navigate through Minecraft or use phone Apps to make memes and videos. There are, however, strategies and specific steps youth can learn to become better problem solvers. Knowing these strategies can help youth when they become frustrated, angry, tired, or when they just draw a blank on a solution. This happens with homework and even when dealing with social issues like friends and disagreements. Workshops are available to all youth-serving agencies and schools to host for youth to participate in.

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photo of Ron Jakubisin with blue shirt, tie, and gray vest

Ron Jakubisin
Positive Youth
Development Educator




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