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Just In Time Parenting Newsletters

Woman and babyThis series of parenting newsletters is age paced to the specific age of your child and perfect for busy, on-the-go parents. Receive an email each month  about your child’s social, emotional and physical development just in time. (Hard copies are also available to be mailed to your home.)

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National JITP Impact Report – April 2020 – Final

Co-Parenting Resources

Below, are links to five informational sheets on common co-parenting topics.  The documents include tips on managing change, communicating with your co-parent, supporting children at different ages, and more.

family split up by divorceLiving Apart, Parenting Together 

Living Apart Parenting Together is a co-parenting education class for divorcing or separating parents with minor children.

Impact Report

Keeping it About The Kids

Keeping It About the Kids is a co-parenting education class for paternity identified parents with minor children. Both co-parenting classes are collaboratively taught by Fond du Lac  County Family Court and Division of Extension Fond du Lac County. Both programs help parents learn to keep children from witnessing parental conflict, avoid putting children in the middle, utilize emotionally neutral communication and support the role of the other parent in the child’s life.  Parents also learn the benefits of having a parenting plan in place.

Home Alone Program

The Home Alone program will help parents and children determine if they are ready to stay home alone. Parents and children should watch the Home Alone videos together and use the short activities after each video to discuss plans to stay safe. Available at and in Spanish at 


parentheticalWhat is Parenthetical?– Parenthetical is a blog, website and social network for parents of tweens and teens.  What YOU contribute to the site through questions, comments and advice is the most important part.  Share your parenting thoughts and questions, connect with other parents who are experiencing similar issues, and receive trustworthy information on parenting and teen development.

Links to Additional Relationship Resources

Caregiving Facts

Are you caring for an adult family member, friend or neighbor?  Caregivers need support too.  Check out these links for more information and resources in Fond du Lac County to assist with caregiving:

Aging and Disability Resource Center

Caregiving Fact Sheet for Fond du Lac County

Other Family Resources

Other Family Resources

family-resource-centerThe Family Resource Center of Fond du Lac County, Inc. is dedicated to the healthy development of children and families through a variety of pregnancy and parenting programs.

ADRC FdL Cty LogoThe Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) of Fond du Lac County assists older adults, people with disabilities and families/caregivers in finding services and resources to keep them living well and independently. 

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