Rural Farmers Markets Promote Food Security

Amanda Miller, FoodWIse Coordinator, Health & Well-Being Educator According to the most recent county health assessment, 7% of Fond du Lac County residents live in a food desert area and have limited access to healthy foods. Food deserts are urban areas in which it is difficult to buy affordable or good-quality fresh foods. Many people […]

Small Steps Fruit and Vegetable Rx Program

According to the 2021 Fond du Lac County health assessment, 52% of adults and 35% of students consume at least two servings of fruit on a day and 23% of adults and 17% of students consume at least three servings of vegetables in a day. The goal is to increase the fruit and vegetable intake […]

Creative Sandwiches in 2nd Grade Classrooms

The 2nd-grade students at Riverside, Parkside, and Chegwin Elementary Schools were thrilled to get creative while learning about MyPlate and trying new foods. If you have children, you know that trying new foods can be a challenging task. This topic is an important one to cover and it reinforces the same messages students receive from teachers […]

Grocery Store Tour

FoodWIse partners with a local non-profit agency that serves women in transition periods of their life. We provide monthly life skill courses, such as food safety, meal planning, healthy eating on a budget, and more related topics. By request of the residents and staff, FoodWIse Nutrition Educator, Melanie Phillips, completed a grocery store tour. This […]

Great Lakes Apple Crunch

The Great Lakes Apple Crunch helps celebrate National Farm to School month (October) by collectively purchasing and crunching into locally grown apples at noon on a day in mid-October every year.  The Great Lakes Apple Crunch not only celebrates National Farm to School Month but also supports local farmers and encourages healthy eating. Six states […]

Bringing Trauma Informed Care Practices into Nutrition Education

The Fond du Lac and Sheboygan County FoodWIse team is currently participating in a workshop series called “Around the Table.” Although on the surface it may appear to be a nutrition education curriculum, it also brings to the forefront trauma-informed and resiliency approaches. It is designed to build food, nutrition, cooking literacy, while also integrating […]

Assisting Home Canners During Harvest Season

Right now is peak harvest season and many home gardeners are interested in preserving their fresh produce. Amanda Miller, Health and Well-Being Educator, is available for office visits, phone calls, or emails from Fond du Lac County residents that have questions on food preservation or food safety. Both beginner and expert home food preservers are […]

FDL Fresh 5 Farmers Market Donation Program

Food insecure individuals are often faced with challenges to accessing healthy foods. Low-income neighborhoods frequently lack grocery stores, individuals may have transportation issues, and healthy foods may be more expensive as opposed to quick, processed foods. In 2017, Miller and Bill Zeleske (local farmer) partnered to create the FDL Fresh 5 farmers market donation program. […]

Veggie Bites

Veggie Bites is a series of highlighted fruits, vegetables, and herbs featured weekly throughout the Wisconsin growing season. Each publication includes fun facts, history, harvest/selection, storage tips, and a healthy recipe. The Veggie Bites publications began in Polk County Extension with a few publications. Amanda Miller, with help from Cassi Worster, has redesigned and expanded […]


The Fond du Lac/Sheboygan FoodWIse team introduces our new FoodWIse Facebook page which includes evidence and research-based health and nutrition information from the state and nation’s leading experts. This includes, but not limited to: Tasty Tuesdays: a weekly series focused on highlighting a specific cooking/food prep skill “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” Thursdays: a weekly series highlighting an article featured in […]

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