Bringing Trauma Informed Care Practices into Nutrition Education

The Fond du Lac and Sheboygan County FoodWIse team is currently participating in a workshop series called “Around the Table.” Although on the surface it may appear to be a nutrition education curriculum, it also brings to the forefront trauma-informed and resiliency approaches. It is designed to build food, nutrition, cooking literacy, while also integrating social-emotional learning and using trauma-sensitive facilitation. A person does not need to be a social worker or psychologist to adopt a trauma-informed approach to their work. This curriculum is helping Nutrition Educators build their competencies and knowledge around trauma, ACES (adverse childhood experiences), and resiliency. Facilitation is very learner-centered, which means that the participants are a part of the leadership and decision-making. Participants enjoy hands-on cooking, facilitated conversations, and many interactive activities. It can be offered to adults and youth aged 14-21 in both an in-person and virtual format.

Following the training, which is offered by Leah’s Pantry, staff will receive a certification to allow them to teach the classes in the local area.

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