Fruit and Vegetable Rx Program

According to the 2021 Fond du Lac County health assessment, 52% of adults and 35% of students consume at least two servings of fruit on a day and 23% of adults and 17% of students consume at least three servings of vegetables in a day. The goal is to increase the fruit and vegetable intake of Fond du Lac County residents, which can contribute to prevention of overweight/obesity and chronic disease.

For the past 7-8 years, Amanda Miller has collaborated with the Downtown Fond du Lac Farmers Market and Living Well FDL/Fond du Lac County Public Health to implement a fruit and vegetable prescription program. These are evidence-based strategies to increase access to fresh, local produce among those that may have food insecurity. The general idea is that fresh produce is a healthy way to address health concerns, particularly identified by medical providers.

This summer, the team is working with Network Health to develop a brand new fruit and vegetable program. Network Health is committed to providing $2,000 total in $5 coupons that will be distributed at healthcare clinics and local Fond du Lac County organization sites, such as Boys and Girls, WIC, and the Senior Center (to name a few.) Recipients of the $5 vouchers will be able to redeem the prescriptions at the local farmers market.

Last year, a total of 55%, or $1,095 dollars in 219 vouches was used to access fresh farmers market produce. The planning team hopes to increase that redemption rate even more this year with the new program by helping recipients better understand the vouchers they are receiving and to understand how to use them at the farmers market.

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