Nutrition Toolkits Created Locally for Head Start Teachers

During a normal school year, FoodWIse Nutrition Educators are visiting students in classrooms at Head Start and elementary schools across the county. Although schools are restricting the number of visitors in the classrooms, FoodWIse understands how important it is to keep children healthy and to support local teachers.

The FoodWIse team has created a variety of health and nutrition resources for Head Start teachers and administration to use in their classrooms. They are easy to use and beneficial to encouraging healthy behaviors in preschool students.

  • Color Me Healthy Teacher’s Toolkits: Each toolkit includes a 10-minute interactive video lesson featuring Fond du Lac/Sheboygan Nutrition Educators. Additional optional supplemental materials include parent take-home materials and taste test recommendations, all of which complement the 10-minute video provided. The first video provided is on “Trying New Foods” and linked here:
  • Read for Health Take-Home Lessons: These are optional for parents at home during virtual education. Each lesson includes: an online link to a book reading, discussion questions, activity ideas, a healthy recipe, and parent resources on the topic. There are 4 total lessons in English and Spanish. The first lesson provided to Head Start staff was on “Potter the Otter: A Tale About Water” (the importance of drinking water and less sugary beverages.) Head Start can either provide this information in their monthly parent newsletters or include in their virtual or in-classroom education.
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