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The purpose of keeping records is to establish good habits of setting goals, planning, organizing, evaluating, and improving written communication skills. In 4-H, the records are kept in an individual record book, which is completed by every 4-H member. Those record books that do well at the club and county level judging are highlighted at the County Achievement Program.

***NEW*** FOR THE 2019-2020 4-H YEAR:

Youth can decide if they want to do a traditional record book or a short story. Telling your 4-H Story is an important part of reflecting on the growth and experiences of each 4-H year. While the Achievement Committee will not be collecting and reviewing record books for project awards this year, we would love to hear your reflections on the 2019-2020 4-H year!

We are encouraging all 4-H members to reflect and document their experiences of the past year and submit their 4-H Story to the Extension Office. Youth may write directly on the form below or use another sheet(s) of paper. Cloverbuds are also encouraged to submit a story and are welcome to draw pictures to help communicate their thoughts.  Please remember to include your name, club, grade completed, and the number of years you have been in 4-H.

Submit your 2019-2020 4-H Story to the Fond du Lac County Extension Office by Friday, September 4th, 2020. *Please note that clubs may have earlier due dates.  If your club has an earlier due date, please submit your story by the respected due date of your club! You may submit your story:

UW-Madison Division of Extension, Fond du Lac County
Room 227 Administration/Extension Bldg
400 University Drive
Fond du Lac, WI 54935-2998

Due to COVID-19, there may not be an achievement program this year, as there has been in the past. However, all who participate by submitting their story will receive recognition and, when safe to do so, youth will be recognized in person. Your club leaders will also be receiving a copy of your story from the Fond du Lac County Extension Office, so that they can help you as you continue to learn and grow in 4-H next year.

Fond du Lac County 2019-2020 4-H Story – word
Fond du Lac County 2019-2020 4-H Story – pdf

Table of Contents

Record Book Dates

Record Books or 4-H Stories Due to the Extension Office Friday, September 4
  • Check with your club leader to verify the club deadline.

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Record Book Forms

Code Form Names Fillable Format
Cloverbud Record Book Word Fillable PDF
RBG Record Book Guide PDF
RBCW Record Book Cover Word Fillable PDF
MPE-A Member Program Evaluation of Activities Word Fillable PDF
MPE Member Project Evaluation Word Fillable PDF
PFR Project Financial Record Word Fillable PDF
CPL Cumulative Project List Word Fillable PDF
MLP  MLP Production Record Word Fillable PDF
PO Poultry Word Fillable PDF
RB Rabbit Word Fillable PDF
LDAR Lifetime Dairy Record Word Fillable PDF
DID Dairy Project Identification Word Fillable PDF
HFR Horse Financial Record – Part 1 Word Fillable PDF
HFR2 Horse Financial Record – Part 2 Word Fillable PDF
MHFR Model Horse Word Fillable PDF
CBM-F2011 Forage Crop Budget & Management Summary Word Fillable PDF
CBM-G2011 Grain Crop Budget & Management Summary Word Fillable PDF

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Officer Record Book Forms

Tools to help you be a successful leader as a 4-H officer are available on the Club Leadership page.  All 4-H Treasurers, Secretaries, Reporters/Historians are eligible to receive county 4-H awards by keeping accurate records.

Evaluating Record Books

Information about project awards and club nominations is found on the Awards and Scholarships page.

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