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FoodWIse’s goal is to advance healthy eating habits, active lifestyles, and healthy community environments through nutrition education at the individual, community, and systems level. There are a lot of nutrition resources out there and a lot of ways in which to share this information, including the use of social media.

Fond du Lac Extension’s Marketing Support Staff, Cassi Worster, and FoodWIse Coordinator/Health & Well-Being Educator, Amanda Miller have collaborated to share with our Facebook followers a series of food safety tips. Extension wants you to make the best of the content on the internet concerning food safety by putting it together in a way that is easy for the public to understand. With you in mind, Cassi has broken content down into simple and easily digestible infographics and photos and shared them to the Fond du Lac Extension’s Facebook page. Infographics were created using only evidence and research-based public health information. 

The first series of information was shared in honor of Food Safety Education Month in September. This was a series of photos posted to Facebook sharing general food safety advice and recommendations. Content included topics such as: not washing your poultry, when to throw your leftovers, statistics on Americans getting sick from contaminated food, Fight BAC! ®, and more. All content is shared with a link to further details. 

The second series of information was shared on holiday food safety. Cassi visually constructed infographics on topics such as: properly preparing turkey, safe potlucks, deer meat safety, and more. We hope you find these topics and graphics helpful when it comes to your holiday cooking!

Another series, not related to Food Safety, is National “Dine In” day on December 3rd and “Eat Better, Eat Together” month in October. “Eat Better, Eat Together” reminds families of the benefits of eating and preparing meals together at home. If you haven’t already taken the pledge to “Dine In” on December 3rd, you can do so here!

Don’t forget to follow the Extension Fond du Lac’s Facebook page for food safety advice, yummy recipes, mealtime conversation starters, and much more!

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