Dairy Situation & Outlook:  August 2022

Bob Cropp | Professor Emeritus & Retired Extension Specialist | UW Madison Extension Milk prices are moving lower. The Class III price peaked in May at $25.21, fell to $22.52 by July and August will be around $20.  The Class IV price peaked in June at $25.83, declined to $25.79 in July and August will […]

It’s Important To Get First Cutting Alfalfa Harvest Right

Dairy farmers and the community recognize the importance of high-quality alfalfa in dairy rations. It provides protein, energy, and minerals and increases milk production while maintaining low feed costs. One of the most important factors in determining alfalfa quality is its maturity at harvest. Also, the yield of the first cutting of alfalfa is typically […]

Heifers Need Weight to Make Milk

Today it costs more to raise dairy heifer replacements than to purchase one, but farmers prefer to raise their own due to controlling genetics and management of these heifers for the milking herd.  Farmers have recognized breeding a heifer to give birth to her first calf at 23-24 months of age is the optimal time […]

Dietary Impacts on Carbon, Manure, and Methane

Tina Kohlman, Regional Dairy and Livestock Agent Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from all sectors of society, including the agriculture sector, is a concern for all.  The agriculture sector contributes 10% of the greenhouse gas emissions, behind transportation, electricity, industry, and commercial and residential sources.  Greenhouse gas emissions from the barn comes mainly from enteric (rumen) […]

Assuring Quality Care for Youth Animal Project

Each year, hundreds of youth in the 4-H and FFA Dairy, Beef, Sheep, Swine, and Meat Goat Projects raise, manage, and feed their project animals in hopes of a grand champion ribbon or making a quality meat sale at the county fair.  But how does a youth livestock project fit into real-world agriculture? Recently Extension […]

Regional Educators to Support Four-County Area

As of January 1, Fond du Lac, Ozaukee, Sheboygan, and Washington Counties Agriculture Extension Programming is moving to a regional model, providing stronger support and educational resources in the area of dairy production management, crops & soils management, and farm business management. Michael Ballweg | Crops & Soils | michael.ballweg@wisc.edu | 920.459.5910 Tina Kohlman | Dairy & […]

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