Final 2022 FDL County Alfalfa Results-June 1

Alfalfa PEAQ measurements and scissor clipping samples are collected by the Fond du Lac County Forage Council.

Dairy producers and nutritionists are frequently targeting RFVs greater than 150 for alfalfa harvest. Develop your feeding strategy with your nutritionist to ensure rations have the correct proportions of protein, energy, and fiber. Remember that PEAQ – RFVs are about 15 – 20 RFV points higher than forage coming out of storage due to respiration and dry matter (leaf) losses. Keep in mind the quality vs. yield trade-off when harvesting alfalfa.

You can monitor the quality of individual alfalfa fields on your farm with a yardstick and theĀ PEAQ Chart here.

On average we lose approximately 3-5 RFV points per day depending on temperatures.june 1 2022 alfalfa table

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