Small Steps Fruit and Vegetable Rx Program

According to the 2017 Fond du Lac County health assessment, 51% of respondents consume at least two servings of fruit on a day and 33% of respondents consume at least three servings of vegetables in a day. The goal is to increase fruit and vegetable intake by Fond du Lac County residents, which can contribute to prevention of overweight/obesity and chronic disease.

For the past 3-4 years, Amanda Miller collaborated with the Downtown Fond du Lac Farmers Market to implement the Small Steps Program. Small Steps is a fruit and vegetable prescription program sponsored by United HealthCare. The general idea is that fresh produce is a healthy way to address health concerns, particularly identified by medical providers. 

This current summer, UHC has provided $2,000 total in $5 coupons that were distributed to WIC (Women, Infant and Children), the Boys and Girls Club, and Junior Master Gardener program participants. Recipients of the $5 vouchers then redeem the prescriptions at the local farmers market.

Last year, 70% of recipients redeemed the vouchers to receive their servings. Nearly 97% of WIC families redeemed the vouchers.

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