Planning AHEAD: A Gift to Your Family

The majority of people, 98%, wish to arrange their affairs to live well in their later years, and ensure that their end-of-life plans follow their wishes. Still, it is something that many people find challenging.  Only 23% follow through with documenting and sharing those plans with their loved ones to carry out those wishes.  However, […]

Human Development and Relationships Responds with Resources

The UW Madison-Fond du Lac County Division of Extension -Human Development and Relationships area is responding with resources to aid individuals and families as they navigate circumstances affecting their lives resulting from the COVID 19 Pandemic.   Below is a snapshot of resources that can be found within the UW Madison Division of Extension ‘s  COVID19 Pandemic […]

Food Resources during COVID-19

The Fond du Lac Food Providers Group has created a web page of Fond du Lac County food resources during COVID-19.  It is to help consolidate the numerous emails and social media posts from individual food pantries, schools, and organizations into one main resource. The web page includes information for local residents, including information on […]

Office Operations March 2020

As a Division of UW-Madison, Extension is following the lead of UW-Madison leadership in responding to the COVID-19 virus outbreak, in conjunction with public health and county officials. The latest guidance from UW-Madison and local government is to limit on-site work in addition to postponing events. This guidance is in reaction to a worldwide event […]

Parenting… Behind the Behavior

A preschooler is a whole person with a big, complicated job: growing up! There are important skills they need to learn in the next few years, especially as they get ready for Kindergarten. As their parent or caregiver, you are their most important teacher and supporter! To support your role in your child’s lives, Parenting […]

Tax Credits for Wisconsin Families

Tax Credits for Wisconsin Families The month of January rings in the new year as well as it signals the beginning of the tax season. Low and moderate-income Wisconsin residents can take advantage of a variety of tax credits.  These credits can bring thousands of extra dollars to individuals and families, but an estimated 20% […]

Todos mis sentimientos

Los niños que reciben el apoyo de sus padres al expresar sentimientos desarrollan habilidades sociales más fuertes y tienen mejores amistades. Al igual que los adultos, los niños sienten diferentes emociones como felicidad, tristeza, vergüenza e ira. Las emociones de los niños se vuelven más complejas a medida que crecen. Para los niños, esto puede […]

Feeling All My Feelings

Children whose parents support them when they express feelings have stronger social skills and better friendships. Just like adults, children feel different emotions such as happiness, sadness, embarrassment, and anger. Children’s emotions get more complex as they get older. This can be hard for children to understand. You can help by talking to them about […]

Respetar las diferencias nos hace más fuertes

Una persona es una persona, no importa su tamaño – Dr. Seuss La capacidad de respetar a los demás es una habilidad que ayudará a su hija(o) para toda la vida. Es importante enseñar a los niños a respetar y defender a las personas que pueden parecer diferentes a ellos. Los niños pueden aprender que […]

Respecting Differences Makes Us Stronger

A Person’s a Person, No Matter How Small – Dr. Seuss The ability to respect others is a skill that will help your child forever. It is important to teach children to respect and stand up for people who may seem different from themselves. Children can learn that people are more alike than different and […]

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