Safe Home Food Preservation

canning-tomatoes-150x150There is nothing quite like home-canned tomatoes or crisp family-favorite dill pickles.  Preserving food from your garden or farmers market is not only rewarding but can make for easy and delicious family meals later on.  For information on preserving food safely go to:  

To ensure that food is properly and safely canned, make sure that your pressure canner is adjusted for the correct elevation of your area. To find the elevation of your location, put in your home address on this web site: 

UW-Extension Family Living continues to host a Master Food Preservation Lunch and Learn Series, which features food preservation methods and food safety tips from Dr. Barb Ingham, UW-Extension Food Safety Specialist. Remaining sessions in the series are: August 5 (Time to Make Pickles), August 19 (Drying Foods at Home), and August 26 (Successful Storage of Garden Produce). Additional home preservation materials and services that are being offered by UW-Extension include free testing of dial-gauge pressure canners, and the Wisconsin Safe Food Preservation Series.  For food preservation and food safety questions, contact Amanda Miller, WNEP Coordinator/Family Living Educator, UW-Extension Fond du Lac County at (920) 929-3170.

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