Using “I” Statements

You never put your dirty dishes in the dishwasher! You always leave your dishes by the couch! You need to clean up after yourself!  These are all “you” sentences. Starting a sentence with “you” can make the listener feel defensive right off the bat. The listener is more likely to have their guard up and […]

Budgeting for Increased Price of Gas and Groceries

How much is gas by your house? I couldn’t believe my grocery bill the other day! The increased price of gas and groceries has become a popular topic of conversation lately. These spikes can make people feel powerless and financially overwhelmed. Don’t worry. There are steps that you can take to help you get a […]

Public and Community Health Coalitions

Community coalitions have the potential to make important changes in the areas of public and community health. Coalitions are multi-sector partnerships that involve key community organizations, as well as community members from populations impacted by health issues. They are instrumental in helping public health leaders achieve the tri-annual community health assessments (CHA) and community health […]

2022: New Year, New Goals, New Finances!

New Year’s Resolutions are not uncommon. Many of us resolve to exercise more, eat healthier, spend less time on social media, practice self-care, read more, etc. This year make a resolution that affects every aspect of your life and work to improve your financial wellness! 2022 can be different. Start the year by diving into Extension’s […]

Wise Wisconsin Winter Series

UW-Madison Extension Human Development and Relationships is offering the Wise Wisconsin Winter Series. It is a six-part series offered free and held safely via Zoom. Meet with others throughout the state as you develop social connections and are empowered to increase joy and satisfaction in your life during the winter months. Sessions will be co-facilitated […]

Video: Black Business Owners Study & Discussion, 11.14.2020

In this session for Startup Wisconsin Week, Black Business Owners Speak (event flyer with speaker details, 295KB) UW-Madison Extension educators and area business owners discuss the results of interviews with 48 African American business owners in northeast Wisconsin in 2019. In the video recording (65 minutes) of the presentation and discussion, you’ll learn about the […]

Food-borne Illness During Harvest Season

Due to the growing number of home gardeners this summer, including new gardeners, it is anticipated that more individuals will have questions during harvest time. Amanda Miller can be contacted during regular office hours to assist with any questions or concerns related to home food preservation. This includes a range of food preservation – from […]

Racism: An “Ongoing public health crisis”

The American Public Health Association (APHA) and the Wisconsin Public Health Association (WPHA) have declared racism as an “ongoing public health crisis that needs our attention now.” Health inequities are differences in health status or in the distribution of health resources between different population groups, arising from the social conditions in which people are born, […]

FoodWIse is a federally funded SNAP-Ed program (or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program-Education.)

FoodWIse is a federally funded SNAP-Ed program (or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program-Education.) The national program is leading a DACUM (Developing a Curriculum) process to revise/develop core competencies for program leaders, program supervisors, and nutrition educators called. The goal is to improve the staffing of SNAP-Ed programs across the country. DACUM is a commonly used process that […]

Human Development and Relationships Responds with Resources

The UW Madison-Fond du Lac County Division of Extension -Human Development and Relationships area is responding with resources to aid individuals and families as they navigate circumstances affecting their lives resulting from the COVID 19 Pandemic.   Below is a snapshot of resources that can be found within the UW Madison Division of Extension ‘s  COVID19 Pandemic […]

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