Using Social Media and Websites for Public Health Messaging

People are increasingly getting their information from the internet and social media, such as Facebook. This includes information related to all aspects of life, including health and nutrition. Over the past decade, people have reached for their laptops or smartphones, as opposed to a textbook, to ask a question about their health. Relying on social media to learn and stay connected has only been heightened during the pandemic.

It is particularly important that social media and internet users have access to the most current evidence and research-based information. During the pandemic, nutrition education classes were not able to be offered at schools and agencies throughout the community. Yet, it was more important than ever to promote good nutrition and physical activity to boost health and well-being.

The Fond du Lac/Sheboygan FoodWIse Program prioritized sharing reliable and quality information via social media and websites. For example:

  • Began a Facebook series called “Tasty Tuesdays”. The weekly series focuses on highlighting a specific cooking/food prep skill, along with a recipe. These have been popular, especially among those cooking at home more than ever before.
  • Developed an interactive food resource hub to address hunger in Fond du Lac County during COVID-19. Much of these resources were shared regularly with the Sheboygan Area Food Bank to promote their local work in Sheboygan County.
  • Implemented social media campaigns on heart health, influenza vaccination, healthy snacking during football season, understanding the health insurance marketplace, resources for seniors, and resources for parents.
  • Started a Facebook page. Please like at for updated health and nutrition information from the experts!

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