Think Outside The Box

THE CHALLENGE: Put your pencil down anywhere and without picking it up, can you touch all of the dots in 4 straight lines?


  • You cannot pick up the pencil once you put it on the paper
  • You have to hit all of the dots
  • 4 straight lines only, which means once you ‘turn a corner’ you are starting a second line, etc. So, another way to say it is: ‘you only get 4 turns of your pencil’.
  • No curvy lines, they have to be straight
  • Avoid the temptation to try to find a solution on the internet
  • Ask friends and family members
  • You can download this sheet or just draw your own nine dots in a school notebook, you WILL need to keep thinking, no one has ever done it on the first time
  • The ‘title’ is kind of a hint


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