Back to school time is a good time to plan for your child's future.

Back to school is a great time to plan for your child’s future

“They grow up so quickly!” How many times have you been told that or thought that as a parent? Back to school time is certainly one of those milestones that mark the passing years, especially when your child is starting school fulltime. Before you know it, a kindergartener will be a High School Junior, looking […]

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Straight from the Teacher’s Mouth: How to support your kid’s learning

As many students prepare to return to school today after the holiday break, it is also an important time for parents to reflect on their role in their children’s academic success. This week’s Parenthetical article, originally posted in December 2013, shares a bit of teacher insight into what parents can do to promote a successful semester! […]

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Mindful Parenting

Yoga, mediation, mindfulness and loving-kindness all are recent buzzwords but why in the world am I mentioning them on a parenting website? What do they have to do with parenting? Like peanut butter and jelly, mindfulness and parenting go hand-in-hand. Much of the best parenting happens when parents pause and think about how to act […]


Is my kid ready for a Smartphone under the tree?

  As our children kick into “wish list” overdrive this holiday season, it isn’t uncommon for them to ask for every new toy or gadget on the market. No matter what holiday you celebrate, many of our sons and daughters will be receiving a gift in the upcoming weeks. While we can’t predict the new […]

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Parents, teens often changing in opposite ways during adolescent years

Most people know the teen years are a turbulent time for adolescents, but many might be surprised to know that mid-life parents are also undergoing significant changes. Stephen Small, human development and family relations specialist with UW-Extension and professor in the UW-Madison School of Human Ecology, says that parents and their teenage children are often […]

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“Kids’ food” is a modern myth

If you look at children’s menus in restaurants or kid-friendly food packages in the grocery store, it may seem that children only eat a limited number of foods, such as deep-fried chicken strips, macaroni and cheese, and chewy fruit snacks. “Not true,” says Gayle Coleman, nutrition education program specialist with the University of Wisconsin-Extension. “Throughout […]

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Reading with children doesn’t always require a storybook

The skills children bring with them to kindergarten, such as vocabulary, knowledge of letter names and sounds, and the ability to rhyme words, are strong predictors of future school success. Parents–a child’s first and most valuable teachers–most often set these skills in motion long before a child enters preschool or other formal schooling situation. “What […]

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When and how to teach kids about money

Taking small steps can help children become financially smarter adults Young children often have trouble understanding why they can’t have every toy or piece of candy they see at the store. But by around age 10, kids begin to comprehend that money is a limited resource. “The ages of 10 to 12 are an opportune […]

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Holiday traditions may change to meet family needs

Families develop many holiday activities, events and rituals over the years. Some activities become family traditions and others fall by the wayside. As children get older, the schedules and demands of school, jobs and sports may affect their feelings about time-honored family traditions. One way for parents of teens and preteens to ensure that holiday […]