Entrepreneurs of Color in Wisconsin: Bridging the Gap in Resources to Mobilize Potential

Despite their substantial contribution to economies, little is known about how entrepreneurs of color in rural areas leverage resources to start ventures. From August 2014 – October 2015, local researchers from UW-Extension and Ripon College met with 35 Fond du Lac County entrepreneurs who shared their start-up and business experiences, challenges, and successes. All participants were African-American, […]

Hispanic Culture Workshops

Understanding another culture is possible only if I understand my own culture. That is the premise for the “Walk an Hour in My Shoes” workshop which host upon request for organizations and workplaces in the county. The Hispanic population of Fond du Lac County has grown 120% since 2000. Teachers, law enforcement officers, clergy, health […]

Inclusion Survey

What kind of a workplace environment do you have now? How could it be improved? Sign your workplace up to participate in a UW-Extension survey to find out.

Why Inclusion?

Although it is hard to believe right now, labor force projections indicate that Fond du Lac County is likely to see a worker shortage in coming years as baby-boomers head into retirement. Is your business prepared for a future economy in which the best workers can choose anywhere in the country to work?

Hiring Veterans

The U.S. Department of Labor has a new site designed to assist employers who would like to proactively hire and retain Veterans, Wounded Warriors, and Military Spouses. The site includes information on establishing a recruitment program, accommodation, military cultural competency, veteran-friendly workplaces, tax incentives, and skills that returning service members bring to their employers. https://www.dol.gov/vets/ahaw/

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