Inclusion Survey

  • You want to retain your best workers as the economy improves.
  • You want to hire exceptional new workers.
  • You want prospective employees, their spouses, and children to feel at home in the area.
  • You want Fond du Lac County to be an inclusive, profitable place to live and work.

Start by surveying your current employees. What kind of a workplace environment do you have now?

Fond du Lac County UW-Extension has developed a survey for employees regarding inclusion in the workplace. It is confidential for employees to take and the results are confidential for management. Example questions include: “I feel listened to in my workplace,” “I am able to ‘be myself’ at work,” “I trust my company’s leaders,” and “I am able to use the full range of my knowledge and experiences.”  The results will give you some idea of what is working great, what isn’t working as well, and areas you could focus on to improve your employee engagement and retention abilities. UW-Extension will use the survey results anonymously and in aggregate for educational presentations on the topic of workforce development.

The survey was developed based on existing, peer-reviewed, published research on inclusion within workplaces. It is offered at cost to area businesses, with the expectation that employers will commit to analyzing internal operations and implement a change within a year to make their workplace more inclusive and productive. Additionally, UW-Extension is facilitating peer learning opportunities when appropriate for company leaders and human resource managers to exchange ideas and receive feedback on their efforts to improve the inclusion practices of their organization.

Contact Diana Hammer Tscheschlok (920/929-3178) for more information.

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