“Stay Well, Age Well” Senior Newsletters

Each year, the local FoodWIse program teaches nutrition education classes at senior meal sites and senior housing units throughout the county. However, during the height of the pandemic, visitor restrictions were in place that prevented in-person classes. The senior newsletters were created to continue to provide health and nutrition information during the pandemic. The pandemic was an important time to provide immuno-compromised populations with information on overall health and wellness.

Each monthly newsletter focuses on three topics: food budgeting, food safety, nutrition, and a healthy recipe. The topics are timely, including information based on the season or time of the year. The topics are also relevant, including information that may be important to older aged populations. This includes information on eating less sodium, cooking for one, or using the local farmers market. Newsletters are available to partners either hard copy or electronic. Past publications can be found at the website here: https://fonddulac.extension.wisc.edu/stay-home-stay-healthy/

Although in-person classes have now resumed, the senior newsletters have remained a popular resource. The name has since been changed from “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” to “Stay Well, Age Well.” Local senior partners are thankful to have the newsletters continue beyond the pandemic.

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