Resources for Consumers Whose Income is Interrupted

Have you been affected with an interruption of income? Please find attached a listing of resources that can be of help for consumers whose income has been interrupted- examples but not limited to- furlough, job change, etc.

Resources compiled by the eXtension Financial Security for All Community of Practices


  1. How to Handle a Furlough: Develop a Plan
  2. Resources for Employees Impacted by Furlough

  1. Employee Information and Resources

  1. FY 2018 Shutdown Furlough – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How You (and your finances) Can Survive the Federal Shutdown



  1. Financial Security: Managing Money in Tough Times

  1. Managing Your Personal Finances in Tough Times

  1. Pay & Leave – Furlough Guidance

  1. Furloughed Employees Handbook

  1. Resources Available for Furloughed Employees

  1. Resources



  1. How to Realistically Save on Food Costs,
  2. The Easy Way to Create a Spending Plan,
  3. Utilizing the Library to Keep Costs Down,



  1. Budget Hacks: From Research to Practical #GetSavvy Webinar recording,
  2. How to Save Money on Food #GetSavvy Webinar recording,





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