Private Pesticide Training & Testing Options

Sheboygan, Ozaukee, Washington & Fond du Lac County will have several opportunities for in-person “testing” with the online training program, and one in-person training & testing opportunity.  

Under both federal and state laws, certain pesticide applicators must be “certified” before they can legally use and apply pesticides. Under FIFRA, the federal law that governs pesticide use across the country, anyone who wants to use a Restricted-Use Pesticide* (RUP) must be certified. So, what does that mean? To prove that you’ve been trained in how to use RUPs properly, safely and legally, a person must pass an exam that shows a broad knowledge of how to use pesticides correctly. Training is based on minimum requirements set by Federal and State law [ General Requirements ]. In Wisconsin, certification is good for 5 years and people need to recertify if they want to continue using pesticides.

All PAT manuals, online training & testing registrations are handled via the PAT website: Whether training is done in person or you do a self study, manuals must be purchased at the link above. To register for In person training & testing go to: and to to register for In-person testing only go to:

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