Nonprofit Financial Development and Donor Relations Course Announcement

Nonprofit organizations continue to take an increasingly critical role in providing needed services and programs within our community. As our local nonprofits take on critical roles, addressing key concerns of these community organizations becomes more important. According to a nationwide survey data of nonprofits published by Statista in April 2024, the two greatest challenges identified by nonprofit leaders are  “rising operating costs” and “inadequate finances.” This national data aligns with the trends identified in a local needs assessment conducted by Noah Reif, the Fond du Lac County Community Development Educator, throughout 2023. 

To address these needs, Noah is adapting a statewide course on Financial Development and Donor Relations that she helps teach as a Wisconsin Nonprofit Connect to Learn team member that will be delivered locally for organizations in Fond du Lac County. This program will teach you how to evaluate your fund development strategies and funding sources, identify strategies for building relationships that support your fundraising effort, and develop a sustainable roadmap to guide your organization’s fund development efforts. If you are interested in attending, please complete this short form.We are excited to share more information about the course in the upcoming months, including dates and registration information. You can also explore our existing resources, like a self-guided five-lesson micro-course on grants and funding by our colleagues at the UW-Madison Department of Libraries and Learning. If you have questions about the upcoming course or other organizational and leadership development questions, please contact Noah at

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