Manure Management and Water Quality

This series of maps and images (PDF, 9874 KB) shows:

  • Examples of karts features (like sinkholes) that make surface water and groundwater in Fond du Lac County particularly vulnerable to contamination from field runoff, leaking septic systems, and over-applied lawn and garden chemicals.
  • Regulations and rules that farmers follow when land applying manure, whey, or other nutrients to their fields (nutrient management planning and setback rules).
  • Protocols farmers are urged to follow to avoid manure spills and contain them when they occur.
  • Nitrate and bacteria sampling results from private drinking water well testing.

Becky Wagner (Fond du Lac County Land & Water Conservation Dept.), Wendy Giese (Fond du Lac County Code Enforcement Dept.), and Diana Tscheschlok (University of WI-Extension, Fond du Lac County) were invited to discuss this with the Fond du Lac Area Retired Educators Association on September 14, 2015.

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