Local Government

  • Well Water Sampling Options October 3, 2018
    UW-Extension recommends that well owners sample their well at least once per year, at a different time of the year. You can test your water through the Fond du Lac County Health Department, the UW-Extension lab in Stevens Point, the State Lab of Hygiene or other private laboratories in the area. Below are descriptions of […]
  • “Example Tax Bills – English & Hmong” November 29, 2012
    Curious how to interpret your property tax bill?  Use this explanation as a starting point to understand the terms in English and Hmong .
  • Plan Commission Minutes June 3, 2011
    Our office was recently asked if we had information on how to take good minutes during a plan commission hearing or meeting.  This presentation by UW-Extension Specialist Dan Hill describes good agendas, good minutes, and good procedural practices to follow for all local government meetings. Becky Roberts, Center for Land Use Education Specialist, notes that […]


On StagePresentation on Open Meetings Laws & Ethics for the Fond du Lac County Board and other local officials

“Example Property Tax Bill in English or Hmong

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