HUE (Human Understanding and Engagement)

Amanda Miller is participating in HUE (Human Understanding and Engagement) Life, 5 part workshop designed to enhance facilitation skills that can be used to work collaboratively with community partners during meetings and/or teaching participants during classes. There are many facilitation tips and tricks, but what makes this training unique is that it is provided by highly trained consultants using a variety of evidence-based best practices and techniques to help with facilitation. This includes learning more about how our minds naturally process information using the DEVCA method to facilitation. DEVCA stands for data, emotive, visionary, critical, and action-oriented and it is naturally how brains process information at meetings and during classes. All individuals are capable of processing in all 5 areas; however, many people prefer one or two of the areas more than the others. HUE Life helps facilitators respectfully make space at meetings and classes for each of the 5 areas, which helps meetings become more productive and worthwhile.

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