Homegrown: Entrepreneurship in Your Community

Mrs. Kwakkel, a business teacher at Laconia High School, asked for a COVID-safe teaching event for the Future Business Leaders Association. Extension colleagues Tessa Conroy, Mia Ljung, and Diana Hammer joined the group for a day viz Zoom, teaching an adaption of “Homegrown: Entrepreneurship in Your Community,” a curriculum that teaches the importance of entrepreneurship to a community, and the importance of active networks to business owners. Experienced entrepreneurs Arletta Allen of A Family Affair Soulfood Kitchen (Fond du Lac) and William Green of Fox City Flix (Neenah) joined us to give real-life examples of how their networks strengthen their businesses. By the end of the class, students had created their own lists of current and desired contacts with plans for expanding and being generous to their networks.  As a result of participation, students say they plan to “help embrace small companies,” “make sure that I expand my network,” and “look…into more small businesses and possibly getting a job.”



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