Fond du Lac County Selected to Present “Shark Tank” Idea to Address Hunger, Nutrition and Health

Nearly a year ago, the White House hosted the first conference on hunger, nutrition, and health in 50 years. As a result, they came up with a big goal – to end hunger and increase healthy eating and physical activity by 2030, so that fewer Americans experience diet-related chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity, and hypertension. This is known as the “White House Challenge to End Hunger and Build Healthy Communities.” For more information, visit:

The next steps of this included working with state and local organizations and partners, including anti-hunger and nutrition advocates, community-based organizations, food producers, tribal communities, universities, etc. in the years ahead to make a difference. 

Recently, the Fond du Lac Area United Way convened key community partners, including Amanda Miller (UW-Madison Extension’s Health and Well-Being Educator), the YMCA, the Fond du Lac Public Health Department, FABOH (Fond du Lac Area Businesses on Health) and SSM/Agnesian to come up with a unique and innovative public health initiative that will address some of the key White House goals, but in Fond du Lac County specifically. Fond du Lac, LaCrosse/Great Rivers Region, Marshfield Area, and Green County were hand selected to participate in this. The team has met with White House representatives and state public health staff personally to advise the project. Once the project idea has been created, the small team of Fond du Lac organizations will compete against the 3 other Wisconsin counties/communities during a “Shark Tank” (like the t.v. show) presentation to experts at UW-Madison.

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