FDL Community Garden Registration is Open!

If you are interested in growing your own fresh garden produce but don’t have the space where you live, contact Patty Percy, Community Garden coordinator at Extension Fond du Lac County, at 920-929-3172 or patty.percy@wisc.edu. Rental fees for the entire 2022 season are:

  • 20’x20′ plot – $20.00
  • 20’x40′ plot – $35.00
  • 20’x80′ plot – $60.00

The Community Gardens are located on the corner of Grove Street and Pioneer Road (East Frontage Road).

What you receive with the purchase of your garden plot:

  • The county provides the land to rent, liability insurance, and water, which is made available throughout the summer.
  • Upgraded water lines are maintained.
  • Grass borders are mowed to prevent rodent habitat.
  • A Port-a-Potty is provided for your convenience.
  • Free garden seeds, teaching materials, and advice is provided from mentors in our newsletters.
  • The garden is tilled in the fall and early spring as soil conditions allow.
  • The plots get measured, marked, and monitored.
  • You get lots of fresh garden produce!

Visit our website for more information and register online!

Woman holding a basket of fresh vegetablesPlant a Victory Garden

If you’re concerned about a shortage of fresh vegetables in your fridge, you might be a prime candidate for the victory garden trend.

Victory gardens first became a thing about a hundred years ago during World War I and again during WWII. Americans were urged to contribute to the cause by growing vegetables in every flowerpot and patch of land available.

Neighbors grew different vegetables and shared their produce with each other, and according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, more than 20 million American homes had a victory garden.

No space in your yard? Not enough sun? Fond du Lac County Community Gardens has lots of space where you can sign up to garden, though you’ll have to keep social distancing in mind when you enter.

Even with a small plot, homeowners are able to grow large gardens, and these assets can reduce the number of trips to the grocery store.

Planting your own garden is perfect timing right now because the weather is getting better all over the country, and you can even sow some seeds inside and then transplant them to the ground later on.

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