Food-borne Illness During Harvest Season

Due to the growing number of home gardeners this summer, including new gardeners, it is anticipated that more individuals will have questions during harvest time. Amanda Miller can be contacted during regular office hours to assist with any questions or concerns related to home food preservation. This includes a range of food preservation – from […]


Office Operations March 2020

As a Division of UW-Madison, Extension is following the lead of UW-Madison leadership in responding to the COVID-19 virus outbreak, in conjunction with public health and county officials. The latest guidance from UW-Madison and local government is to limit on-site work in addition to postponing events. This guidance is in reaction to a worldwide event […]


Your Social Media Resource for Food Safety

FoodWIse’s goal is to advance healthy eating habits, active lifestyles, and healthy community environments through nutrition education at the individual, community, and systems level. There are a lot of nutrition resources out there and a lot of ways in which to share this information, including the use of social media. Fond du Lac Extension’s Marketing […]

Power outage - power lines

Safe & Healthy: What to do when the power goes out?

If the power goes off in your home due to a winter storm, it may be difficult to determine whether the food in your refrigerator or freezer is safe to consume. There are some guidelines that will help you decide whether to keep or discard food items after a power outage. Refrigerated Foods Generally, refrigerated […]

Canning jars

Start planning now for home canning, food preservation season

When it comes to flavor and taste, few things compare to home-canned produce fresh from the garden. The home canning and preserving season will be here before we know it, so now is a good time to start preparing. “Preserving food from your garden or orchard can be a good way to enjoy the bounty […]


Egg safety basics for springtime celebrations

Eggs are a familiar symbol of spring. They are one of nature’s most nutritious and economical foods and feature prominently at many spring holiday celebrations. A few basic steps will help ensure all your springtime recipes are “eggcellent” and food safe. According to Barbara Ingham, food science specialist with the University of Wisconsin-Extension, thorough cooking […]

Thanksgiving dinner table

Tips for preparing a delicious and food safe, roast turkey

A delectable roast turkey is often the centerpiece of the family Thanksgiving dinner. Keeping in mind some food safety tips while preparing your holiday bird will help ensure it is not only tasty, but also free of foodborne bacteria that may cause illness, according to Barbara Ingham, food science specialist with the University of Wisconsin-Extension. […]

canned fruits and vegetabes and fresh tomatoes

Preserving acid foods with a steam canner? Here’s what you need to know

This spring, the University of Wisconsin-Madison published research showing that atmospheric steam canners may be used to safely can naturally acidic foods such as peaches, pears, and apples, or acidified foods such as salsa or pickles. But certain criteria must be met for the food to be safe to eat when using these canners, says […]