Young Entrepreneurs Open Their Business on May 7, 2022 – Lemonade Day!

On May 7th, one hundred and twenty-five youth and adult mentors will open over 25 lemonade stands throughout Fond du Lac County as part of the Lemonade Day educational program.  Stands will open up from 11am – 2pm in Fond du Lac, Lomira, Waupun, Brownsville, and Eden. A map can be found at the Fond du Lac Lemonade Day webpage: Youth participants are organized through schools, youth-serving agencies, churches, home-school projects or families who have a youth heard about it and formed a team with friends!

These young entrepreneurs have learned, with the help of a mentor/teacher, how to set a goal, create a business plan, create a budget, choose a site location, and create an advertising plan. After building their stands they will open on May 7th, tracking their profits, and asking customers to judge them on categories such as customer services, quality of lemonade, and design of their stand.

Youth keep the money they earn.   They are encouraged to spend some, save some, and share some with their favorite charity. Last year, 91% of the profits made in the Fond du Lac program was donated back to charity!

Lemonade Day is a free, community-wide, educational program that teaches youth, 4th-6th grade, how to start, own and operate their own business- a lemonade stand. Beyond financial lessons and entrepreneurial skills, youth also learn valuable life skills…leadership, teamwork, social skills, social responsibility, and a huge new sense of confidence in their abilities.

Lemonade Day 2022 is funded by a generous donation from Society Insurance and a grant from UW-Madison/Division of Extension. The ongoing donations and support from National Bank and Trust, Horicon Bank, Feris Popcorn and the businesses and organizations in Fond du Lac County make Lemonade Day a community tradition year after year.

2022 Stand Locations (as of 4/20)

A&A Lemonade                               Fleet Farm                                        800 S. Military , FDL

Aloha Lemonade                             Annie’s Fountain City Café           72 South Main Street, FDL

Chegwin                                            Main Street Fashion                       117 S. Main Street, FDL

Ebony Vision                                    Jerome Young Hair Studio            46 N Main Street , FDL

Fond du Lac                                      The Arc                                              500 North Park Ave, FDL

Four Sips is All it Takes                  Brownsville Fire Company            515 Clark Street, Brownsville

Iced Lemons                                     FDL Police Dept                               126 N. Main Street, FDL

Lemon Drops and Lollipops          Hoppers                                            77 North Main Street, FDL

Lemonade Cousins                         Pick N Save                                       55 W. Pioneer Road, FDL

Lemonade Miracle                          Lillians                                               27 S Main Street, FDL

Lemonade on the Ave                   Bob’s on the Avenue                      689 Fond du Lac Ave, FDL

Lemonade On The Way                 ReachOut Books                              221 North Peters Ave, FDL

Lemonade Sisters                           Jet’s Pizza                                          1111 East Johnson Street FDL

Lemonade Vibes                             Eden Corner Express/Citgo          301 W Main St, Eden WI,

Short Stop                                        Silica                                                   498 N Rolling Meadows Drive, FDL

Space Lemons                                  Urban Fuel                                        N7645 N Peebles Ln, FDL

Squeeze the Day                             Piggly Wiggly                                    131 University Drive, FDL

St. Mary’s Springs Acad.               Philly’s Grocery/Deli                      321 4th Street, FDL


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