Yia Xiong: October 2019 Podcast Guests

On the 4th Wednesday of each month since January 2018, Ebony Vision, The Humanity Project: Telling the Untold Story, Diana Hammer of Extension Fond du Lac County, and Bob Hoffmaster of KFIZ radio, collaborate to air a segment about race in Fond du Lac.


October 2019: Yia Xiong, elected leader of the Fond du Lac Hmong Community, joined Bob and Diana to talk about his life which has taken him from Thai refugee camps surrounded by barbed wire, to LaCrosse, WI and then to Fond du Lac where he attended Goodrich High School, then UW-Oshkosh, and now works for US Bank in IT. As the elected spokesperson for area Hmong families, he gets involved in family disputes and is also called when there are miscommunications or misunderstandings between Hmong individuals and local institutions, like schools. As a parent, he is trying to raise kids who both respect their elders and are successful in the U.S.

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