Town-wide Drinking Water Sampling Programs

Below are resources for local officials and residents planning a well water sampling program for your municipality. Please contact the county UW-Extension office to let them know about your program in advance. UW-Extension and other county staff can offer promotional, logistical, and educational support to make your program a success.

Most of these materials were developed for programs done in partnership with UW-Extension and the Water and Environmental Analysis Lab at UW-Stevens Point. Programs can also be arranged in partnership with UW-Extension and local labs. Please contact UW-Extension to discuss the differences and the options.

Program Planning Materials

Bottle Distribution Instructions (PDF, 1 pg)

How To Locate The Legal Description of a Property (PDF, 7 pgs)

Sampling Program Registration Form (Word, 1 pg)

How to Collect a Water Sample (PDF, 1 pg)

Press Release Example (PDF, 1 pg)

Town Newsletter Example (PDF, 4 pgs)

Map of Water Analysis Lab on UW-Stevens Point Campus (PDF, 1 pg)

Final Presentation Example (UWEX/UWSP) (PDF, 61 pgs)

Final Presentation Example (local lab) (PDF, 50 pgs)

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