Tasty Tuesdays

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Healthy Beverages

Engaging Little Kitchen Helpers

Eating More Vegetables

COVID-19 and Food Safety

Making Snacking Healthier

Making Homemade Oatmeal Packets

Making Your Boxed Meals Healthier

Save On Meat – Use Beans Instead

Kid-friendly Snacks

Sheet Pan Meals

Soups and Stews

Slow Cooker Meals

Excellent Eggs

Making Smoothies

Snacking Made Easy

Using Dried Beans

One-Pot Meals

Storing Fruits and Vegetables

Follow the links below for tips on storing your fruits and vegetables.

Recipe, Resource/Handout, Video

Organizing Your Fridge

Follow the links below for tips on organizing your fridge. There is also a bonus recipe for fruit salsa!

Recipe, Resource/Handout, Video

Making Homemade Bread

Tasty Tuesdays is bringing you a basic recipe and tips to make bread at home and storing it.

Recipe, Resource/Handout, Video

Freezes Well

With more people cooking at home, leftovers can be more abundant in the kitchen. Below you will find links to; a recipe that freezes well along with a video done by our very own FoodWIse Nutrition Educator, Melanie Phillips, and other freezing tips in a PDF and video.
Recipe, Video to Recipe, Freezer Leftovers PDF, Freezer Leftovers Videos

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