Residential Water Use Calculator

This calculator allows residents of Wisconsin with municipal water to calculate how much they spend on water/energy for showering and flushing the toilet.  By selecting a municipality, the calculator imports the actual water and sewer rate for that community.  There is also an estimate of energy cost associated with hot water for showering that is based on the average electricity/natural gas rates from various energy providers.  while budgets are tight and water rates rise, this calculator can help you manage your household spending and conserve water.

Some observations learned from this tool:

  • The more people you have in a house, the more you will save from installing a more efficient shower head or toilet.
  • Replacing an inefficient shower head has a quick payback time.  Not only are they relatively cheap (less than $25), but showering has added costs associated with heating water which also means spending less money on electricity or natural gas.
  • It costs more to heat water with an electric hot water heater than with natural gas.

This tool was developed by UW-Extension Groundwater Specialist Kevin Masarik.

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