New Well Water Quality Mapping Tool





A new interactive well water quality viewer has been designed by the UW-Extension Center for Watershed Science and Education. Homeowners and local units of government can use this tool to:

  • See what we know about general well water quality in Wisconsin.
  • Compare water quality in your area to nearby towns or counties. 
  • Raise awareness of local groundwater quality issues.  
  • Promote testing and outreach efforts.   
  • Encourage well testing in areas where little data exists.    
  • Highlight the importance of testing well water on a regular basis. 

Disclaimer:  The viewer summarizes private well water quality data from the Center for Watershed Science and Education, the WI Dept. of Ag, Trade and Consumer Protection, and the WI Department of Natural Resources Groundwater Retrieval Network.  It is not considered a scientific study and does not represent well water quality information for all known private wells. 

Please note that the information in this mapping tool is NOT intended to be a substitute for well water testing and does not provide site specific information for an individual well or property.  The Center for Watershed Science and Education is not responsible for misuse or misinterpretation of the data. 

Fond du Lac County residents are encouraged to test their well water every 15 months.

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