Lake Winnebago Quality Improvement Assn. & Dip into Lakes Workshop Series

Lake WinnebagoDiana Tscheschlok and regional UWEX Natural Resources Educator Chad Cook have been providing organizational development support to the newly forming Lake Winnebago Quality Improvement Association of Fond du Lac County. This lake association is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization of locals who care about the future of Lake Winnebago. The association is positioning itself to undertake grant applications, long range planning, aquatic plant management, and responses to other emerging lake issues. Anyone who cares about the future of Lake Winnebago is welcome to join.

Also this spring Cook and Tscheschlok hosted the Dip into Lakes workshop series. Four sessions addressed the health of fish populations in Lake Winnebago, lake ecology, the role of aquatic plants, invasive species, how Wisconsin laws protect the public’s right to enjoy rivers and lakes, the multi-million dollar impact recreation and tourism on Lake Winnebago bring to the area, and threats to the lake we may see in the future. About 60 people attended each session with most reporting that the presentations deepened their understanding of the topics. These seminars are now online and available for purchase ($5) on DVD. Contact UW-Extension to order your copy.


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