Day in the Garden Cancelled

field of multi-colored flowers It is with sincere and deep regret that the Fond du Lac County Master Gardener Association’s Spring garden conference “A Day in the Garden” 2020 has been cancelled. The directive from Extension and UW Madison is as follows:

As you may be aware, Extension along with the UW-Madison community have been keeping a close eye on developments around the novel coronavirus COVID-19. Due to the possibility and risk of infection, we are requiring our volunteer clubs and associations to cancel or postpone upcoming events between now and April 10 that:

  • Expect to draw more than 50 people;
  • Smaller events should be reconsidered if they draw participants from a wide geographic area; or 
  • Include participants from an older population, those with compromised immune systems, or those who come into close contact with older populations

We apologize for any inconvenience with this cancellation.

Our treasurer will refund all registration payments. Please be patient with this process. You should have your refund check within the next four weeks. If you do not have your refund check within the next four weeks, you may email:

Please take care & be safe for the sake of yourself and others.

We look forward to seeing you next year!

Beth Howman Combs
Alice Dann
Sue Furness

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