Dairy Management Tours for Youth

Youth enrolled in the 4-H Dairy Management Project have the opportunity to travel out of county to visit various dairy farms and businesses to learn about management practices and philosophies from those in the industry.  A very unique project specific to Fond du Lac County, this year members traveled to southeast WI to visit a coffee shop, a converted Holstein to Jersey dairy farm, Hoard’s Dairyman Farm, and Sassy Cow Creamery.

The purpose of the project is to expose youth to opportunities within the dairy industry and “outside” their barn doors.  This year members learned how to utilize a coffee shop to advocate for dairy, reasons a young farmer transitioned his herd from Holstein to Jersey and selling the idea to his dad, why a prominent dairy farm switched to robotic milking systems, and how one farm added value to their milk through ice cream.  As part of the project, youth are expected to develop and present to a judge at the county fair on what they saw and learned, but most importantly how they can apply (or maybe not apply) some of the practices and philosophies they learned.

Members are 14 years of age to one year past high school, with financial support provided by Investors Community Bank & Compeer Financial. Four youth representing dairy farms 100 cows up to 900 cows participated in this year’s Dairy Management Project.

Tina Kohlman, Dairy & Livestock Agent

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