County-wide Officer Training

Fourteen youth and adult volunteers learned the parts of a meeting and how to work as an officer team and participated in activities, they could take back to their clubs. TLA members led a few ice breakers and “get to know you” activities to start off the morning. The youth and adults learned about 3 parts of a 4-H meeting and how to build them into their club meetings. Groups shared many ideas with each other. Clubs represented were: Armstrong, Brandon Tanagers, Campbellsport, Green Valley, Helping Hands, and Taft 23. Pictured: Ron Jakubisin, Positive Youth Development Educator, leading some team-building exercises and Youth playing a game called Tap Out . The youth learned about the officer roles and how to work together to effectively run a club. The youth finished up the morning with pizza from Jets, while they evaluated the morning. Several youth mentioned in the post-program evaluation that they felt more comfortable and confident in the officer role they were elected to serve. Of those who completed the evaluations, 89 % of the youth said they were an effective team, learned new information they could use in their clubs, had a good experience and would recommend others in their clubs to attend next year.


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