Cloverbud Day Camp: Buzz, Flutter, Crawl

WI Honey Bee Queen, Anna Evenson of Cambridge, Wisconsin, with Cloverbud participants at Cloverbud Day Camp 2021

Cloverbud Day Camp made a return in 2021. Youth leaders and two volunteers helped plan out the camp.  The youth leaders led activities with the groups all day under the supervision of the two volunteer leaders. This Day Camp was for youth who had completed Kindergarten- 2nd grade. The youth who participated started the morning off by learning everyone’s names with a couple of games. The participants were able to collect bugs and participate in a nature walk with a scavenger hunt. Many youth collected exoskeletons of cicadas. They all learned a little bit about the cicada and the sound they make. After the nature walk, campers built their own bugs and wrote a short story about them. Lunch followed the busy morning. After lunch, the group played some active games such as Dead Ant Tag, Flying Butterfly, and Wah Master. The youth had a surprise visit from the Wisconsin Honeybee Queen, Anna. Anna shared lots of information about honeybees and honey. After Anna shared some information, the campers were able to participate in a smoothie-making activity that included honey. The campers had so many questions for Anna! The campers finished the day out by building butterflies and making a caterpillar snack activity.

The goals of the camp were that youth would learn something new, be engaging and increase their interest in the topics. 100% of the youth who completed the evaluation selected that they strongly agreed to the statement, “The activities were fun and engaging.” 86% of the youth who completed the evaluation selected that they strongly agreed to the statements “The activities taught us something new.” and “The activities increased our interest and curiosity about insects.”


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