Building Life Skills this Summer

With schools finishing up the year 4-H is gearing up for many summer activities and programming. June is a busy month as youth can participate in the annual Clothing Revue, Foods Revue, Cloverbud Day Camp, dairy judging practices, Area Animal Science Days, and many project meetings taking place. All these opportunities provide youth the chance to learn new things and gain practical life skills.

Many may think the clothing revue is just about sewing something, but it is much deeper than that. Youth must decide on what pattern to use for an item they are making. After a pattern is selected the youth will need to measure out how much fabric the pattern requires.  Many times, when sewing things may not go the way something was planned, and youth will need to problem solve or use critical thinking skills. Youth model their finished items while a narrative is given. Youth grow in confidence, social skills, and communication when getting up in front of a group of people.

The Foods Revue is more than youth cooking and preparing a place setting. Youth pick a recipe so they may look at healthy lifestyle choices when considering a recipe to make.  Youth must do lots of planning with making a grocery list and keeping records. Personal safety is very important when cooking as youth are learning knife skills, food prep safety and how to be careful with other kitchen equipment.

There are so many life skills that youth learn at camp that many of them do not realize they are gaining from the experience. Youth learn to manage feelings when it is their first trip away from home without family.  Counselors grow in conflict resolution, goal setting, self-responsibility, stress management and so much more.

Dairy judging is more than just the youth learning about what to look for in a high-quality animal.  Youth during dairy judging learn teamwork, how to communicate, and accepting differences. Older youth must give reasons to why they scored a group of animals, so youth strengthen public speaking skills as well as written communication. As youth continue to grow and learn over the summer, they will continue to build their life skills and resumes for the future.

If you would like to get involved or register for many of the summer opportunities check out the Fond du Lac County Facebook page, register for events through 4-H online, or check out the Extension website!

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