4-H Coloring Book Contest

Create a hand-drawn illustration based on one of the illustration themes of the 4-H Essential
Elements. Scan/photograph your child’s artwork and use the official entry form below to
submit your entry before September 1, 2020. Winners from each of the four themes will be
selected via a vote on Facebook and will receive fun 4-H merchandise!
Illustration Themes
Belonging: Be yourself, make friends, grow positive relationships with youth and adult
Mastery: Develop new skills through hands-on learning
Independence: Explore new opportunities and open the door to new experiences,
projects, and places
Generosity: Give back to your community!
Submission Details
Scan/photograph your child’s artwork and enter using this form
All work must be the original work of the youth member
Drawings should be on a single sheet of standard letter-sized (8-½” x 11”), unlined
paper, in portrait/vertical orientation.
The Extension Office may need to alter entries for formatting and reproduction

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