4-H Art Camp

Tracy Keifenheim and the 4-H Summer Intern taught the first ever Fond du Lac County 4-H Art Camp! Art Camp was offered for 3 days. The first day was Art-Rageous Day where youth got to explore all different types of art media and new art techniques! Youth first started out the day using clay to make coil and pinch pots. Youth also had the opportunity to use their imagination to draw/ sketch some awesome pictures and learned about pointillism and zentangle! Youth got to experiment using chalk pastels and oil pastels as well. One of their favorite activities of the day was making a marble design on paper using shaving cream and food coloring. To finish off the day, youth played some Pictionary.

Day two was Picturesque Painting where youth focused on painting. To start the day off, youth painted some rocks that they later hid around campus. Keifenheim taught youth pour painting using acrylic paint. Youth also had the chance to paint their own pictures using tempera paint. After lunch, the youth learned about watercolors and went outside to practice Plein Air Painting. To finish off the day, the youth played some art trivia!

On the last day of art camp, youth explored photography. Youth first learned about settings on a camera and how to use a camera. Then they went outside and took lots of pictures around campus of nature such as trees, ponds, flowers, and animals! Youth also learned about still life and practiced taking pictures of still life. The youth also really enjoyed learning about trick photography. They took lots of pictures using different trick techniques. All the youth also had the chance to learn how to use a Digital SLR Camera as none of them had used one before. Youth also got to pick some of their favorite pictures from the day to get printed! To finish off the day, they played a guess the picture game!

Fifteen youth participated in the camp. Youth shared that they learned “how to draw with oil pastels.”, “different ways to make my art better.”, “I learned how to do pour painting which was my favorite and shaving cream painting.”. 80% of participants who filled out the camp evaluation said they strongly agree that the activities were fun and engaging, the activities taught them something new, and that the activities increased the youth’s interest and curiosity about art.

All the youth were very talented! Check the Fond du Lac 4-H Facebook page for more pictures from art camp!


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