Safely Using Produce from Flooded Gardens

Please follow the link above to read an article about safely using produce from flooded gardens by Barbara Ingham and Steve Ingham, UW-Food Science. As a preface to the page about donations to the food pantry I would like to talk to the need in our community.Photo of flooded field

I always include the list of local food pantry donation times and locations in my fall Community Garden newsletter…’The Garden Path’.  Many gardeners like to be able to find others who can make use of any extra produce they have grown in the gardens and appreciate this information.  For those of us who are able to grow gardens, many times we are dealing with a bumper crop of something.  Unless you are willing to freeze or can it, we have produce that could go to waste.

The Jr. Master Gardener group has been donating extra garden produce to several needy families in the community.

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