Managing Variability in Corn Silage Harvest

Variable corn fields are common this year with delayed emergence and inconsistent moisture conditions. This means that tasseling and corn silage harvest is also likely to be widely variable across our 4 county region.

This fall, proper silage harvest and management is necessary to maximize feed quality for the next year. There are some important considerations to make:

  • Chop corn based on actual dry matter – BE SURE TO TEST!
  • Sample more fields and multiple places in fields so you know actual moisture prior to harvest
  • Pay attention to whole plant moisture, kernel maturity & plant health – this will have an impact on optimum harvest date and forage quality
  • When fermenting the silage – use inoculant where appropriate, pay close attention to particle size & kernel processing and packing to preserve the nutrients we do bring into the silo.

Watch for more information regarding local corn silage dry down days managed by ag suppliers and forage councils. 

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