Black Business Owners Speak

This summer Extension partnered with Fit Oshkosh to interview 48 African American business owners in Fond du Lac, Winnebago, Outagamie, and Brown Counties. Preliminary findings are now available in this infographic. In coming months, Extension is analyzing the interviews and will publish on themes including 1) access to financial resources, 2) motivations for starting a business, 3) identity as a business owner, 4) barriers and related solutions, 5) networks and the role of supportive organizations and individuals, 6) self-efficacy vs. self-blame, and 7) implications for teaching.

Groups interested in learning more can contact Diana for a presentation and discussion on Entrepreneurs of Color in northeastern WI.

Click here for the WHBY podcast segment on this research. (40:16) Researching Support for Black Biz-Owners

Black Business Owners Speak Graphic

Black Business Owners Speak Graphic

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